New York, I Love You

Source “Thank you for the seat,” the lovely blonde woman smiled politely at the tall, white-haired man who now settled onto the bench next to her.  “It’s such a long trip from 59th to 125th Street, you see what I was saying?” He nodded politely, friendly: “Where are you getting[…]

Saving the Soup

This is totally a metaphor. You know how sometimes, at the grocery store, when they don’t have your normal soup, you’ll see a different soup, and think, hey, maybe I should try that soup! Your excitement mounts, you see this soup being every soup you dreamed of and more.  This[…]

Mystery Solved

If you follow this blog, chances are you know me in person, and if you know me in person, you probably know about my building’s water “situation.”  As in, sometimes there’s water, sometimes it’s brown, sometimes it’s ice cold and sometimes it’s clear and runs both hot and cold.  But[…]

I Remember…

…when you made me a mix tape in high school.Β  I thought it was a nice gesture, perhaps even a romantic one, until I listened to the Weird Al track.Β  It was a parody of the Aqua song “Barbie Girl” all about an “Ugly Girl” who, unfortunately, sounded a lot[…]

Connoisseur of Pants

Many people have a fashion accessory they can’t live without, or a collection of a singular defining garment, say, cardigans. After some depressing soul searching, it has occurred to me that my fashion must-have is… Lounge pants.  I know, it’s tragic, but really, don’t we all love some comfort?  So[…]

A Dream Realized

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” – Langston Hughes, A Dream Deferred “…or does it puff up, like a cheese wonton?” – me. I’ve always had dreams of running away to a big city.  When I got older, I fell[…]

Remember the Times

Ever wake up at 11am on a Saturday, you don’t have to work, it’s nice and cold outside, and just… go through old facebook photos of yourself? Maybe you should try to be a little more narcissistic, because it is AWESOME. Case in point: I found these old photos of[…]

Laundry Day

One of the chores I used to love was laundry.  It was so simple!  Throw some soap and dirty clothes into a washing machine, walk away.  Move it to the dryer, walk away.  Presto, change-o, after a little while you have a battalion of sweet-smelling, clean clothes at your disposal[…]

Coffee and Cheetos

While I’m away enjoying a vegetarian Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share with you what a vegetarian eats.  Many people show lofty photos of what they eat during the day as vegetarians: quinoa and seitan and other things that Mozilla Firefox automatic spell check does not recognize as words. So here’s[…]

Ode to My Shoes

Dear Aubergine Converse: Thank you for carrying me all over town in comfort and style. I never thought shoes could be both comfortable and cute, both trendy and personal, until I began wearing you all over the place. When I lace you up to take on the world, I feel[…]

Personal Space

Coming home last night at 10pm, I met my favourite neighbors in the lobby on their way out to walk their dog. As I always do when coming home alone after dark (which is now 5pm, thank you Daylight Savings Time), I had my trusty pepper spray in my hand[…]

Manhattan Pride!

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend about just what was so great about New York City. Um…everything? Namely, we were discussing why people pay so much to live here and get so little out of it. Except bragging rights! Why tell people you’re from Duluth[…]